Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tool #8 Taking a Look at the Tools

Netbooks:  I am not familiar with Windows 7 so add that to the "to do list."  As for the webcams, this may need
                  close supervision.

iPads:  I think there will need to be time allotted for students to explore and learn this neat device.  I am sure
           many will be able to enlighten me on all the aspects/tools! of the iPad.

Management:  Some kind of check-out and check-in procedure will need to be implemented.  Hopefully the
                       district will come up with something.  I am a little concerned about liability issues....Battery levels
                        will need to be monitored.  AND of course the ratio of the number of devices to the number of
                        students is critical, but just go with the flow, right?

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